Links are clickable objects that can guide a user to an other location like a file or website.

Links are one of the most commonly used UI elements. It is a straightforward way to navigate between web pages or files. Links are very helpful to add further content without overwhelming your users with too much information.

When to use

  • if you want to provide further information to your user.

When not to use

  • If you don't intend to guide a user to another location.


Label the link clearly
Make it obvious to your user what is going to happen if he/she clicks the link.

Make it look clickable
Highlight your links by giving them a different look than the rest of your text. For example, you can use a different color and/or underline it. We recommend using our primary blue as the predefined color for links (text links should be underlined). If you use a dark background color, please use a contrary color as icon or text color.

Give your links a consistent look
If you defined a style for your links, don't try to change things up! You have one link that is colored blue, an orange one, in bold and italic … ? This will confuse your users and make your links hard to identify.