Table Cell

A table cell is the intersection of a table row and a table column.


Content font size & alignment

  • The font size of data numbers and text should be according previous definition: Copytext 9pt
  • Text aligns to the left, numbers and their table header align to the right

Cell padding

Whitespace is important - the subtle use of blank space to group data into columns and rows is the most effective method. We ensure this by using a data height of 9pt and a row height of 30px. At Jedox, we are not (yet) able to define the white space via direct formatting of the cell e.g. through the addition of padding - therefore we add blank columns and rows of 5px around the data cells instead:

A final table cell looks like this

The total row height is 30px

The row height of the main cell is 20px

The paddding cells are 5px wide or high

Data input cell

An input cell differentiates itself from a normal cell and indicates the user that the content of the cell can be edited. It's background is the light gray (#F5F5F8) and it has a signifier placed in the left bottom corner of the cell.

A normal cell vs. an input cell

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