We strive to create a “pure”, clean iconography. We use universal metaphors that everyone can quickly identify and interpret correctly.

Icon Resolution

Based on the specific purpose, we offer the icons in different resolutions:


16 x 16

We use this size for status indicators or icons on buttons


24 x 24

We use this size for icons on the extended header area for elements that are corresponding to the table header


32 x 32

We use this size for illustrations on overview pages and dashboards


48 x 48

We use this size for bigger illustrations

Icon Colors

We provide our Icon Set in the following colors:




50 % Black

50 % White

Red (JDX v2018.3)

Using Icons

Icons are symbols that should be easy to identify and to interpret. They can be seen as a global language which can be understood internationally. Even to illiterates a certain functionality can be explained.

So if Icons are that powerful why don't we communicate everything with them? Even icons can't solve every problem with communication. For example, Icons are not a great choice to communicate very abstract terms. To introduce new icons to your user, you may want to place it with a label that communicates it purpose. Make sure to place the labels after the Icon.

This is why we provide an Iconset for you. The Iconset Pure includes over 100 different symbols in 6 colors and 4 resolutions to fit perfectly for whatever usecase you need it!


Use universal icons

Unfortunately, the most beautiful designed icons can fail their purpose if users are not able to perceive and interpret them correctly. This is why is it very important to use universal symbols instead of trying to reinvent them. Here are some examples of how the Iconset Pure uses universal icons to communicate common functions.

  • Bell Bell icon for notifications
  • Scale Scale icon for balance
  • Trash Trash can icon for deleting elements
  • House House icon for the home page
  • Gear Gear icon for settings
  • Ruler Ruler icon for measures
  • Pencil Pencil icon for editing
  • Clock Clock icon for time
  • Envelope Envelope icon for messages
  • Bubble Speech bubble icon for comments

How to use

You can access the icons directly in any cell of the spreadsheet using the SHOWPICT function. Here is an example to show the average icon in size 16x16px.


Note: If you want to use the icons in buttons, you need to download the icons to your local computer. Then you will be able to use them in the buttons components.

Iconset Download

Dowload our Iconset Pure (2022.4) (zip file) to get the icons in all sizes and colors!