The Jedox Design System for Reports

The modular toolkit that helps you to design functional and beautiful reports.

Core Concepts

Core concepts are the styles and concepts that have a broad application throughout all the elements of Jedox models and reports.


Atoms are the base elements of our Design System and consist of the most granular UI components.


Molecules are building blocks formed by a group of atoms.


Organisms are a combination of molecules that form entire functional elements.


See the Design System for Reports in action! Take a look at the models which successfully applied these principles and guidelines in their reports.

Enterprise Planning Demo

Experience how Jedox makes Enterprise Planning and Performance Management seamless from strategy to execution.

AIssistedâ„¢ Predictive Forecast

The AIssistedâ„¢ Predictive Forecast model reduces the time and effort required to generate more reliable and granular forecast results.

Quick Start

Want to jump directly into the design of your reports? Use our Quick Start Guide and download our Design System Model to grab templates and use it in your own reports.

Jedox Platform Requirements

In order to apply the guidelines to your models and reports, we recommend to install the current version of Jedox on your device.
Relevant updates of Jedox and the Design System for Reports will be shown here.